The original full-mouth toothbrush for kids Of All Ages!

Based on the best-selling oral care device MYST™ Toothbrush but for Kids

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Dentist Recommended

Designed by a dentist to help young brushers develop good teeth cleaning habits without the headache for parents!

As adults, it is our job to guide our children to the best habits and practices of healthcare that will last a lifetime. We all know good oral health means better overall health over one's lifetime. This includes brushing and visiting a dentist regularly. Any way we can teach and encourage our kids to be habitual brushers is a win!

"MYST™ automatic toothbrush is one I recommend to all my patients and I am happy to recommend MYST KIDS™ for all their little ones."

– Dr. Paul, Board Certified Doctor of Dentistry

For the best oral-care for your children

Powered with XRT™ (Expansion Radius Technology)

For the best oral-care for your children, MYST™, the original full-mouth toothbrush powered with XRT™ (Expansion Radius Technology), has designed a smaller version of our dentist recommended automatic toothbrush but just for kids! It features the same basic features that made the adult MYST™ automatic toothbrush a number one seller, with slight design changes tailored by a dentist, specifically for a child's smaller mouth.

MYST™ Kids automatic toothbrush

Gentle on young teeth and gums

Dentists recommend children use soft bristles that are gentle on young teeth and gums. MYST Kids™ automatic toothbrush has soft silicone bristles made of food grade silicone, so it is impossible for children to brush too hard which is one of the biggest problems children have when brushing according to dentists.

Revolutionary Breakthrough Oral Health Technology

Ultrasonic Technology

A child's mouth is small and tiny teeth have tiny crevices making it hard for a regular child's toothbrush to properly clean plaque and bacteria from teeth. MYST Kids™ allows your child to get into every nook and cranny on their own in less time than a regular toothbrush.

Great for braces!

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What Parents are saying

“I have seen a huge improvement myself using the adult version of MYST™. Now that the child's size is available and my 8 year old daughter has one that fits her mouth, there is less arguing and complaining about brushing her teeth and we get out the door to school so much faster than before. This couldn't have come soon enough. Thank you MYST!! ”

– Ali Corona, mom of Bella, 8

“Getting three kids to brush their teeth before bed and in the morning was as much of a chore for me as it was for them. With MYST KIDS™ they are excited to brush their teeth and knowing they are getting a better clean from not using old-fashioned toothbrushes makes me even more happy”

– Lauren K, mom of 3


Shorter Brush Time

The recommended 2-minute brush time for kids can be a huge chore. With the advanced technology of MYST KIDS™ all the teeth and gums are being brushed simultaneously, which means less time and less whine!

Fun and Easy

With fun designs and ease of use, a child can use MYST KIDS™ all on their own without help from an adult.

Thorough Dental-Grade Cleanings

Designed by a dentist and dentist recommended, MYST KIDS™ turns a child's chore into a fun activity by reaching all the nooks and crannies that are hard for kids and their parents to get at with a traditional children's brush. The 45-degree angle brush head allows a child to do a great job on their own!

Its Waterproof!

Many children's automatic toothbrushes don't stand up to wear and tear, being submerged in water and are needing to be constantly replaced. MYST KIDS™ was designed to take a child's rough play and is completely waterproof.

Antibacterial Mouthpiece

The MYST KIDS™ mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone that kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Soft Bristles

It is simple. Soft silicone bristles make for safe gentle brushing for children's tender teeth and gums.

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MYST KIDS™ allows your child to get into every nook and cranny on their own in less time than a regular toothbrush.

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Myst Kids™ is powered by XRT: Expansion Radius Technology™

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MYST KIDS™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is an automatic toothbrush safe for kids?

Yes! MYST™ was designed by a dentist and is dentist-recommended. The difference between the original brush and MYST KIDS™ is a smaller brush head designed for smaller teeth and a rubber grip so children can maneuver the brush on their own.

What ages is MYST KIDS™ suitable for?

MYST KIDS™ is recommended with adult supervision from age 3-12. MYST™ has been shown to help remove plaque and bacteria effectively.

What is the best toothpaste to use with MYST KIDS™?

The MYST™ Toothpaste is a dentist recommended foaming toothpaste that spreads easily on the device. All you need is one pump. Of course, your child can also use their favorite toothpaste as well.

Are baby teeth really that important since they will come out eventually?

While smaller in size they are no less important. Removing bacteria from a child's mouth is just as important to overall health as it is for adults. Healthy teeth also help with healthy eating! Teaching kids these important routine habits early is just one more step we can take to help them grow into healthy adults.

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